Securlio is the most secure password generator to hit the market. Why? Securlio generates a unique password for every website based on encryption of the URL, and a master password that you provide. But here's the catch: Securlio never stores or saves your generated password anywhere, making it a secure as it is. Even if a hacker breaks into a website's server, your password will be long, hard to crack and impossible to use on any other websites Securlio generates passwords for.

No more using the same password for every website. No more remembering different passwords for every website. Passwords are the virtual keys to our lives, so it's only fitting to treat them as such and safeguard them. What makes it all the better? It can be done so simply with the base version of the Securlio extension at absolutely no cost.


Q: Why do I need to use Securlio? Don't I already have secure passwords?

A: No you don't. Securlio generates passwords that look like this 9FIdOsdEyfAAbwRkVUZgFxD4aIg= and are entirely diffrent for every single website, making them incomparably more difficult to hack than typical passwords.

Q: Do I need to set a long and secure master password?

A: This is the single step of the process that must be given the most attention, as the only thing impossible to prevent against is a brute force attack. In other words, when a hacker tries to guess every single combination for a person's master password. With every added character, the time needed to crack a person's password increases exponentially.

Q: What is a master password?

A: It's a single password, much like a masterkey, that Securlio uses to generate all your other passwords.

Q: I used Securlio to generate a master password for a website, but how can I access this website from places I don't have Securlio installed?

A: We have a website!!! Simply visit securl.io/app (under construction) on a phone, friend's computer, or any other device without the extensions and we'll generate a password that you can copy-paste.


Password security is something that is extremely important. That's why we believe that everyone should have access to a free version of Securlio that can be downloaded from the Chrome Store anytime. If added secuity is a concern for you; however, we also have a Gold plan that gives you access to some additional features such as browser lockdowns and the ability to choose your security level.

Technical Info

Securlio only stores one thing: An SHA256 unsalted hash of the master password. It then looks for password inputs on every page you visit. If Securlio finds one, it replaces the password input with a new Securlio password input that can safely listen for keypress events. After this, Securlio generates an SHA1 HMAC of the URL's hostname concatenated with a single space (the default salt) and uses the master password as the HMAC's key. If the user has the Securlio Gold Plan they may type in an additional password into the Securlio password input which will take the place of the previously mentioned salt.

It is important to note that Securlio does all of this on the front end and NEVER sends the generated password or master password to any servers.